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Stone Cold Fox: HEY, LOOK OVER HERE!

Friday at 7:30pm

You have TWO big chances to see Stone Cold Fox’s HEY, LOOK OVER HERE this month: THIS Friday and NEXT Friday! 

Watch this brief teaser trailer to decipher the clues within and discover WHICH Friday is the PERFECT Friday for you to see it!

(Tricky clue: for some of you it will be BOTH Fridays and for one of you it will be NEITHER.)

Make a Reservation to avoid disappointment!

Hey! This show is tomorrow AND next Friday. Two chances in April to see this thing? What’re we, TOTALLY CRAZY? Yes! Which is what makes the show so good!

Make a reservation.

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Hear Me Out, Episode 6 – Dahh Dahh Dahh Dah CHICKEN (feat. Brandon Scott Jones)



Run to your Volvo or your friend’s bathroom during a dinner party, Episode 6 is here!

We’ve got the fantastic Brandon Scott Jones (UCB, Very Mary Kate) with us this week. It’s an episode full of fantasy and whimsy: magical boy bands, the hit film K-Pax, Godzilla smashing pumpkins, and that good ole booty.

Winston’s Pick: Train - Drops of Jupiter
Alden’s Pick: Blue Oyster Cult - Godzilla
Brandon’s Pick: Jesse McCartney - Body Language

This a great one. BSJ was a treat. And seriously, Body Language is a great song.

Alden and Winston are great hosts.  They have an equally great podcast.  I am very lucky they asked me to be a guest.  Take a listen!

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D’Arcy Carden and Michael Kayne made a hilarious web series and they put me in it!  Terrible Babysitters, episode 1.

we all like being able to say we are friends with Elaine. I know I am. I say it all the goddamn time! I should shut the heck up! 

This is funny. D’Arcy and Kayne are too great.

these three are all great. also everyone involved in the credits are all great. so glad these are out!

Too great for words.  Kayne/Carden are just too great for words.  Elaine is so wonderful.  GET READY AND WATCH THIS SERIES.